System Analyst
Web Developer

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I’m Leandro Moreira Curioso de Oliveira , 33 years old, System Analyst with experience in web development.

I also have experience with relational database and system modeling with knowledge in REST architecture with HMAC authentication webservice for request security guarantee.

I worked in web agency with institutional sites and digital marketing for social network and Google. With the experience that I have got with internal auditing can turn the processes more efficient according with the users demand. Also with the verification of the change improvement done by benchmarking indicators for performance control.

I have fluent English that helps me to find solutions in the internet and now I am learning the German language, I believe to have good knowledge to agregate value to products and services that the organizations offer.

I'm willing to change my home country, for better opportunities in my personal and professional life.

  • Live in: Mato Grosso,Brasil
  • +55 65 9951-5035
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English Teacher


Freelancer English teacher, I gave classes for people of all ages focused in conversation.


Nota Control Technology - ISSQN Central


Recieve, answer and guide internal and external clients personally or by phone;
Insert and update procedural data in database registers;
Control documents;
Help tax contributor to emit documents and receipts;
Collect data answering the departament solicitation;
Identify the client needs;
Sort documents and records;


T4 Net Telecommunication Technology

Telecommunication Consultant

Telecommunication consultant guiding and selling plans and integrated system for companies and homes;
Monitoring phone bills for better budget administration cost;


Modelo Supermarket

Internal Auditor / Management Acessor

Internal auditing of departaments like loss preventing, statistics, human resources, bank conciliation, stock, 5S methodology, routine management for pattern control and maintenance of strategic planning.


Cod3 Web Creative

Web Developer

Web developer of websites and systems using php, MySQL, javascript/jQuery/ajax, google maps api. Also creating facebook apps and adding SEO to products.


InLoop Web

Web Developer

Web developer of websites and systems using php, MySQL, javascript/jQuery/ajax. Also creating facebook apps, google maps api and adding SEO to products, social media guide and corporative SMS integration.


Univag University

Web Developer / System Analyst

Web development using Microsoft technologies like Entity Framework, SQL Server, ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC, also modeling the database and system using UML 2.0 diagrams.



Wizard Language Center

Complete English Module

Fluent English for writing and conservation.

120 Hours

ATS Computing

Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point, Front Page

Advanced operation in Windows focused in static web development and Microsoft bundle.

30 Hours


Technician in computer hardware with network introduction.

Technician in computer hardware with network introduction for understanding computer hardware and network of small companies.

13 Hours

TDS Investments

Technician Stock Exchange

Knowledge in money investment in stock exchange, candle and line chart analysis and brokerage taxes.

100 Hours

TDS Technology

Webmaster Professional Adobe CS5 Formation

Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Dreamweaver , PHP, MySQL , HTML, CSS and Javascript.

88 Hours

TDS Technology

Basic Java with JBoss Seam

Basic Java course focused in corporative rapid application development.

13 Hours

TDS Technology

Basic Android

Android application development.

12 Hours


Leadership, ethic and interpersonal relationship

Leadership, ethic and interpersonal relationship at work. Focused in interpersonal develpoment.

62 Hours

Ibraim Lisboa

Internal Auditing

Knowledge of internal auditing, process control, pattern definition, terms and strategic planning.

2 years

Unic University

Company Administration

College of company administration focused in external commerce. I do not completed the course of 4 years. I just did 2 years.

23 Hours

Bradesco Foundation

Information Security

Online course of information securirty inside the corporative environment focused in terms creation and routine practices.

4 years

Univag University

Information Systems

Majoring in Information Systems focused in management and programming of information technologies.


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  • Live in: Mato Grosso,Brasil
  • +55 65 9951-5035
  • leandro.curioso@gmail.com